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Zhejiang Jingong Tech CO., Ltd established in 1998, specialize in cold roll forming machine and auto-producing line.To put customers'benefit on the first, we know our success comes from customers'success and support. We run this mind through the whole... 



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Our PU sandwich panel machine is the forming equipment that integrates advanced mechanical, chemical, electrical, hydraulic, and pneumatic technologies. It has earned five patents of utility model. Due to its high efficiency and simple operation, this forming machine is widely used in the construction of steel structure enclosures, cold storages, and mobile buildings. In order to satisfy various customer requirements, we design and manufacture PU sandwich panel lines in different specs, models and configurations.

Working flow :  Decolier -- Guiding-- roll forming machine - foam by manual -- cutting -stack  

PU sandwich panel forming machine

1)  Type: 125-15(2+2)

2) Summarization: The foaming machine is suitable for discontinuous production of sandwich panels. (2+2) type can fully save time in preassembling, loading and unloading, which enhanced production efficiency. Meanwhile, high-quality loading formwork guarantees high-quality panel.

3) Main dispositions and technical parameters

3-1. Main dispositions

 (2+2) foaming machine   1 set

Temperature controller (36KW) 2 sets

Guiding rail and frame   2 sets

Mixing head movable car   1 set

3-2 Main technical parameters

Layer: (2+2) Type

Single class daily output: 115 ㎡(8 pieces)/ hour

Loading board size: 12500×1500㎜

Die sinking height: 250mm; clamping force: 280T

Oil pressure: 16Mpa; heating water pressure: 0.2Mpa

Heating water temperature: normal temperature-850C; voaltage: 380V

Total power: ≈90KW; Weight: ≈90T


Detailed description

foaming machine

(1) Machine frame

   As one of the stressed members of foaming machine, the frame of machine is welded by high-quality steel. Distressing treatment helps machine fame to be safe and artistic.

(2) Joist steel

  During the period of foam curing, hydraulic system needs to provide loading board strong clamping force to overcome foaming force. If the force is directly placed on the board, it would get distorted and eventually destroy the foaming machine. To avoid above condition, we use joist steel to weld some work pieces which corresponds with loading board. In this way, clamping force can be placed equally on the board. Besides, joist steel has high stability during processing and transporting.

(3) Rail

Appropriate rail need to be prepared when the loading board is getting in and out of the main machine, meanwhile, the rail needs to meet the clamping space requirement. The rail is same with the external rail.

(4) Synchronizing mechanism

Different phenomenon will be caused when numerous hydraulic cylinders working together, so we use an economical and practical method to make sure oil-cylinder synchronization and avoid damage as well. We also give full consideration to the convenience and safely while installing and using.

Hydraulic system

Hydraulic system automatically compensates pressure, low pressure driving, and high pressure maintaining pattern fully saves space and energy. 

Heating system

Water pipe circulation loop is contained in each loading board, so we can use hot-water to heat each board separately to ensure the curing temperature.

(1) Temperature controller

We use water heating and PID temperature control method which can supply enough hot water accordingly. The total power is 72KW.

(2) Heating pipe

Temperature resistance rubber tube connects temperature controller and loading machine, drag chain protects the surface to avoid tube damage.




The discontinuous manufacture of sandwich panel offer a wide range of dimensions, facings and foam systems. The combination of high quality and reliable hydraulic presses for nearly all applications together with high pressure dosing systems guarantees efficient manufacture of products with an excellent range of properties. YBT machinery offers its customers 2+2 and 3+3 shuttle systems.

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